Tour Image Capture and SEO

PanaScope is a Google Street View Trusted Pro Photographer We also help with the technical management after the shoot is done to get you square away with Google Maps so travelers abroad and locals alike can find you anytime


PanaScope NZ can be hired in many forms of freelance and commercial photography including 360 VR tours, architecture, real estate, survey and mapping, tourism. We’re always keen for a weird challenge. No harm in asking!

Website Image Optimization

Tagging, Schema, Metadata, IPTC, Exif, Encoding, Embedding Color Profiles, Hosting and Serving, CDN for worldwide deployments …  it’s lot of information to consume and manage, and it’s our forté

Architectural Photography

Architectural and Business location photography for print and promotional use. We can add to Google Maps to boost your SEO

Tourism Content

We shoot New Zealand tourism and destination content for visitor guides, trade shows, exhibitions, web, and social medias. All search engine optimized.

360 VR Tours

Google Street View Tours, capturing your location in 360 VR to share on Google Maps and your business site allowing potential customers to step inside and  visit you virtually

Aerial Photography

Aerial shots via drone, helicopter and crazy long mono-pods! We can sort out airspace compliance in your location

Image SEO Analytics

Hook your site and social media images into Google Search Console for image rank tracking and analytics

Site Coding for 360 Images

If your site is not ready for 360 VR, our IT Dept can fix that for you. If you like any functionality on this site, it can be yours.

PanaScope NZ are giving small businesses a leg up to get noticed in Wellington NZ